DSS IT Wing offers end-to-end custom development for social apps and mobile applications to be used in various industries and niches like business, communication, social networking, health, news and media as well as entertainment. We build apps for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0 and for mobiles like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We provide following services:

  • Social Apps Development
  • Mobile Application

Social Apps Development

Mobile-Apps_newSocial media had millions of users today, almost every business small or big, and end users are using social media at large scale. To leverage the benefits of showcasing your views, services, or products in front of such a big audience can be very beneficial for your brand. We here at DSS IT Wing, provide complete social media apps solutions for designing, developing, integrating and marketing application for your business.

Facebook and twitter have the largest user base, you can have custom applications to reach your fans, followers and be in contact with them. With our customized apps solutions, you can gain benefits from social impacts of social platforms. We can also integrate widgets & gadgets into social apps.

We can build social apps for products/brands/service awareness, social games, quizzes & competitions, entertainment, communication and user community etc.

Mobile Applications

DSS IT Wing is a “one stop” mobile apps solutions provider, with track record of planning, designing, developing, delivering and supporting mobile apps for leading brands.

We have vast experience and expertise in developing solutions for mobile and social gaming, enterprise and utility applications. We provide mobile apps for following platforms:

  • Android (Phone/Tablet)
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Window Phone Device

Android (Phone/Tablet)

As we know that Android, a Linux-based operating system, is one of the “fastest-growing” mobile platform today. So why to keep behind, get your app developed today and get the advantage over others.As per stats, there are 500 million+ Android phones with support to Tabs, Digital Media, Netbooks etc. To add more, we can develop cross platform solutions for your requirements, which can run on iPhone and Android and other devices as well.

We build Android apps, games, user interfaces, sites etc for every business and niche. Our team of apps experts uses latest in technology like Android SDK; Android Native Development Kit (NDK); Android DT (ADT) with languages Java; C/C++; XML. Let us build your next Android solution.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

ipad-2-iphone-4-1With team of 20+ iOS professional developers, we guarantee that apps provided by us will be approved by Apple. With increase of smartphone usage, iPhone is leading when it comes to applications for mobiles. We have hands on experience in designing solutions for games, news and publishing industry, travel applications like navigation systems, or location based applications, teaching related interactive apps, as well as solutions for entertainment and music industry.

Our team uses tools like Xcode from apple with powerful IDE for creating apps for iOS, with support of iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch using objective-C language.

Window Phone Device

windows-phone-7-1Windows Phone is the next growing platform in mobile industry, with more and more user’s familiar of known OS interface of windows, they are adopting it easily. We have been developing applications and solutions for Microsoft Technologies from long time; we have the needed expertise and skills to complete any application for Windows Phones.

We use .NET Compact Framework combined with C++; C#; Visual Basic languages which are most popular among Microsoft developers, and tools like MS Visual Studio.

Digital Brand Identity

branding-mattersDigital Brand Identity means brand image and brand personality, which is must to have for each business. Whether it is logo, presence in social media, digital ads, web page design or any other corporate sign, your company image in online world should reflect your brand.

Having a clear and compelling brand image will make people to remember, trust and relate with your business. We provide digital brand identity which is elegant; have simplicity, clarity, and a purpose to inspire.