img_animationAnimation is used in various web based applications, presentations, and media-rich web contents, they can be amazing for enhancing the visibility of websites as well as build effective and dynamic/animated Web sites.

Animations are the best for using writing and speaking skills to communicate your views, ideas clearly and completely with end users and clients. We here at DSS IT Wing, adopt creative techniques towards the design, development and animation of a web site and web products.

Flash & Multimedia

conflict2Flash & Multimedia is perfect choice in many cases, where you need much more than words and pictures to achieve your goal and requirements. We use flash, fireworks, javascripts, video and various types of multi-media, to showcase your vision, ideas and views with help of visual and audio experience.

Our services include flash animated and rich media banners ads, corporate presentations, interactive demos, video production and editing, content development with multimedia and website interactivity solutions.